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Set Free From Suicidal Tendencies

During our first Mikvah last year, one of our members was set free of suicidal tendencies after she did her Mikvah. She said she has never had a problem with those kinds of thoughts ever again since her Mikvah. Praise Yah!

Mircle of the Shofar


                Art Solis

I was working on a website for a Messianic congregation I was attending. I  was working on the page for the shofar and the info below is what I had added to the page. It talks about why we use the shofar. You don't have to read it if you don't want to, I just put it here so you can see the shape that it was in before I pasted it into the website.


All of a sudden, the letters started to change by themselves. They moved across the page and sentences moved. I thought I had a virus. I have had other viruses that moved sentences and place them in the middle of other senteces. So I thought that is what was going on so I just let it finsh so I can run a virus scan. When the letters stopped moving, I centered the page and to my amazement, the finger of Yahweh had formed the letters into the picture at the bottom. It was formed into a shofar. Praise Yahweh!!!





The Shofar

The Shofar is the ceremonial instrument of Judaism. Wherever the Scriptures read "trumpet" they almost certainly refer to a Shofar.  Shofrot are made from the horns of kosher animals (except cattle), usually sheep or the African antelope called the kudu. Other animals whose horns can be made into a Shofar include goats and other antelope such as the Oryx. The sounding of the Shofar has many meanings.


Here are twelve (courtesy of Messianic Rabbi L. Jacobs).



1. When we hear the shofar we are to remember G-d's Kingship. In ancient Israel the new king's reign was announced with the shofar (1 Kings 1:34). When we blow the shofar we remember that Yeshua is the soon coming King of Kings and Lord of Lords and we are to be obedient subjects.

2. When we hear the shofar we are to remember to be G-d's worshippers. G-d seeks those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth. The shofar is used in worship and in fact heads the list of instruments in Psalm 150 which are used to worship G-d. "Praise Him with the shofar."

3. When we hear the shofar we are to remember our need to repent. The shofar signaled the approach of danger. We are in danger without repentance. "Blow a shofar in Zion and sound an alarm on My holy mountain... consecrate a fast, proclaim a solemn assembly. Return to Me with all your heart, and with fasting, weeping and mourning, and rend your heart and not your garments" (Joel 2:1, 12- 13).

4. When we hear the shofar we are to remember the faithfulness of the Patriarch. The shofar is made from a ram's horn. It reminds us of the Akeda,” the binding” and Abraham's intended sacrifice of Isaac. Because of this act of faith, G-d promised to bless the Jewish people and give us victory over our enemies. The shofar is a reminder of our covenant with G-d because of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

5. When we hear the shofar we are to remember the binding of Messiah Yeshua. Abraham prophesied that G-d would provide for Himself the Lamb for the burnt offering (Genesis 22:8). Messiah Yeshua was offered up as the Lamb of G-d who takes away the ordinance that was against us and the sin of the world on that same spo, two thousand years later.

6. When we hear the shofar we are to remember the shofar that accompanied the revelation of the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai, and that all Scripture is divinely inspired by G-d but not all translations, LOL!.

7. When we hear the shofar we are to remember the words of the prophets. I set watchmen over you saying, "listen to the sound of the shofar" (Jeremiah 6:17). Prophets are like a shofar which warn of danger. Israel was judged for ignoring the prophets. There is even greater judgement if we ignore Messiah Yeshua, Israel's greatest prophet.

8. When we hear the shofar we are to remember the battle alarm for war. "Near is the great day of the L-rd, near and coming very quickly... a day of shofar and battle cry" (Zephaniah 1:14-16). Messiah will return and fight during the greatest battle of all time, the battle of Armageddon. We are in the middle of a battle that has been raging for the soul of humanity. Satan and his fallen angels are fighting for people to share their destiny. Messiah Yeshua is fighting for people to share His eternal destiny.

9. When we hear the shofar we are to remember the end of all warfare. The shofar was blown at the end of battle (2 Samuel 2:28, 18:16). The shofar is a reminder that our final victory is ahead. When King Messiah returns He will end all wars, battles, and injustice.




10. When we hear the shofar we are to remember our resurrection that will take place at Messiah's return when the shofar blows (1 Corinthians 15:52, 1 Thessalonians 4:16).

11. When we hear the shofar we are to be reminded of the Jewish people's restoration to the Land of Israel. Messiah Yeshua will gather all of Israel's exiles. "You will be gathered up one by one, O sons of Israel. It will come about also in that day that a great shofar will be blown" (Isaiah 27:13).

12. When we sound the shofar we are asking G-d to remember us. The sounding of the shofar is like a prayer that ascends to G-d's throne saying, "O L-rd, may the sound of our shofar ascend before Your throne. Remember Your covenants, forgive us, save us, and deliver us."

The sounding of the Shofar is commanded particularly for the holiday of Rosh HaShana, which is also called Yom Teruah, "The Day of Sounding (the Shofar)." 100 blasts are done on this day. There are four traditional soundings, or calls - although the exact sequence of soundings is not prescribed but has developed in each Jewish community over the centuries.

Tekiah - "blast"
Shevarim - "broken"
Teruah - "alarm"
Tekiah G'dolah - "great blast"


                                                                                           The miracle of the shorfar

Right before my eyes Yahweh changed what you just read into what you see in the picture below. He moved words, sentences and made them in the shape of the Shofar. I fell on my face as I knew,  beyond the shadow of a doubt, that He was in the room.



                                           MIKE SHELTON

Hi, my name is Michael. Eight years ago I had the strangest thing happen to me.

It was winter time and I had gone outside in the cold when I noticed that my hands started burning. I broke out in hives. I could no longer go outside in the cold. Every time that I did, I broke out in hives. Even if I went into the refrigeration area at the super market, I would break out in hives. I started taking 2 Benadryl every morning once the temperature dropped. In October of 2016, we went to do a Mikvah with some of the people from Ben David Fellowship. Everyone was going to dip seven times in the water. This is taken from 2nd Kings 5:10. So I was instructed to dip seven times like the story in the bible to be heald of this problem. I took Benadryl in the morning because I thought the water was going to be to cold. The water was great! I dipped seven times and was healed.  Here we are in December of 2016 and I was working outside. My hand started to burn and I saw a hive trying to appear and form. So I laid my hand on my left hand and I proclaimed, "I am healed from the blood of Yeshua!" I removed my hand and watched the hive disappear. I no longer have to take Benadryl. I was also working in 37 degree weather with a 30 mph wind factor and there was not any break out of hives at all. Praise Yeshua!

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