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Music Ministry- Shachah Tehillah


Art Solis has lead praise and worship for over 34 years. He continues to do so and incorporates Hebraic music.




  • Exodus 15 – After Yahweh delivered our people from slavery in Egypt with great power and miraculous wonders, the first thing His servant Moses did was sing a song to Him.

  • Psalm 33 – King David himself tells the people of Elohim to make music at our best with shouts of joy and that this is “well-suited” for us to do.

  • 2 Chronicles 7 – At the dedication of the Temple during the reign of King Solomon, Levitical musicians sang to the Yahweh as His Glory descended in the sight of all Israel.

  • 2 Chronicles 29 – As King Hezekiah re-dedicated the Temple, the priests played “the song of Yahweh”.

  • Zephaniah 3 – Zephaniah prophesies that Elohim Himself will dance around us and rejoice over us with singing.










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