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Prayer Ministry-TAP-The Direct Link to Yahweh




TAP is the name of this ministry. TAP stands for Together Always Praying. This name was given to me from Yahweh when he showed me how to reach a city through prayer, which we will do here at Ben David Fellowship. The followers of Yeshua understood Yahwe's intent for them to work in cooperation with Him through prayer and so they devoted themselves to prayer along with other vital ministries (Acts 2:42). As a result of this kind of life together,  Yahweh added to their number daily to those who were being saved. (Acts 2:47). What might Yah do in our midst if we took serious His command to be devoted to prayer? Having an effective prayer ministry begins with you knowing Yahweh and results in His power at work both in and through you.


Ben David Fellowship is devoted to prayer and we would like to have people that would be faithful to pray not only for this ministry but for each other as well.

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