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Read the Bible in Hebrew and English and also listen as the scriptures are read in Hebrew.

Listen & Read the Bible In Hebrew/English



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Welcome to Ben David Fellowship. We are glad you stopped by our website. 


We are students of the bible and study the scriptures from a Hebraic perspective.


We study the whole bible and we are like the Bereans who check the scriptures daily to see if what is being taught is true or not.


We follow the Torah (Old Testament) and the Brit Hadasha (the New Testament or Renewed Testament) as it should be called.

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"Set them apart for holiness by means of the truth-your word is truth"

                                                       John 17:17

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Writing a Torah Scroll


A Torah scroll is perhaps the single most holy item used in Jewish rituals. Containing the text of the Five Books of Moses, the Torah is believed to represent God's will for the Jewish people and for all mankind. Learning to write  a Torah scroll can take a year or more, and the process before you even start, initself, usually takes many months as well, even if the scribe works on it full-time. 



Jews with Yeshua

Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled


Yeshua (Jesus) has fulfilled all the messianic prophecies but 3 of them and those he will fulfill at His next appearance.  See all the prophecies Yeshua has fulfilled.

Ministries Here at Ben David Fellowship



Our Community
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We have many ministries here at Ben David to serve you and for you to serve in,  if that is what Yahweh is leading you to do. We believe in giving and helping others become more productive in life spiritually and physically as well. Please take time to look over our ministries.

Little Torah Explorers

Children's Ministry

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