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                                                          Star of David


There is much controversy over the Star of David, I have heard all sides.  First off, It's a 18 pointed star not a 6 pointed star. There is just to many ways that this image is found in nature to not be from YHVH. No being but YHVH can put this image in nature. You have it in the snow flake, water and in the plant just to name a few.


This is a picture of the root of the Buttercup Plant in Israel

This root protects the Buttercup plant from to much water or rain.


Root of the Buttercup Plant


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Here are two pictures of a water drop in it's frozen state. When the water drop started to melt, pictures were taken of the water and this is what the results were. Depending on the frequency that was emited towards the water, the water would change it's shape to something beautiful if the frequency was positive and something ugly if the frequency was negative. These pictures are when the positive frequency was emitted towards the water.

Sambra Cactus

Frozen Water Drops


Nano Particles

 Assembly of a hexameric circular iron(II) helicate [2](PF6)12 and subsequent ring closure forming a Star of David [2]catenate, [4](PF6)12.

Psalms 48- Music From God CD Track

The Hebrew Aleph Bet (Alpha Bet) In the Star of David

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