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How to make money online.


IHere at Ben David Fellowship, we are on a mission to not only take Torah to our local city and the nations, but to help the believers get out and stay out of debt. To help them find work if they need it and start businesses.


There is an old story of two students one was Jewish the other was not. These two students were getting ready to graduate from college and their father's were asked what they hoped their sons would do after graduation. The non Jew answered, " Well he will go out and find the best job he can and start his career." Then they asked the Jewish father and he said, "My son will hire his son!" 

The Jews are taught not to go out and get a job but to create jobs for others. The Jews understanding of wealth is way different then the everyday person. Their belief is not if they will be successful in business but that starting a business and being successful is what they do. 


One of the tools that we have, that is so powerful, is the thought life. The way we think is what is going to fuel our lives towards being successful, at what we are doing or not. I heard a man say once, "We don't create our future, we create our habits and our habits create our future." This statement blew me away! I have never forgotten that. 


Our thoughts need to come under our control. Why is it that new years resolutions, that people make, never work out? It is because the mind will always revert back to the thoughts that are ruling the body. Create new thoughts and habits and this changes the old ones and then a person can move forward. It is the most important thing in our lives outside of the bible. But even in the study of scriptrues, if we have created a lazy habit, we will always revert back to the lazy habit. This is the stuff that I have learned in 54 years living in this body that Yahweh has given me.


I have a great desire to help in the area of finances. If I can lower the burden that families have by helping them start business or if they need jobs, I want to help with that. So take a look at the list of some ways to make money  on and off line.




You can make money online from youtube using the google adsense program. This works by uploading videos, to your channel that people search for, enjoy watching and will want to share. The money bit comes when they click on the advertisments that the google adsense program places on each video.



Fiverr is a website that allows people to use their talents and even those who don't have tallent but can create something, that others can use in their businesses. People will aslo want  to wish someone a happy birthday etc. Whatever you know how to do, you can offer it here on Fiverr and make money with it. The value that you offer will determine the amount of money you will make. If what you offer is easity duplicated then you won't make much. If what you offer is in great demand, then you will make a lot of money. This is a great place for businesses, to get things done for their business, for very little money.



This website is where you can teach people how to do things. If you are really good at computers or math or graphics, or anything else that you can teach, then you can make money here.



This website is like UDEMY in that you can teach people, what you know how to do and charge a fee for teaching them.




This is a well known website. If you have things to sell, then sell them and make money. You can make a lot of money here by going to walmart, target or any other store and go to their sales merchindies and resell them on Ebay for a profit. People are doing it all the time.



Amazon is becoming very popular. You can buy products from China or do the same as with Ebay and buy from local stores that are having sales and sell them on Amazon. You will have to do your due diligence, because Amazon's rules change.  Make sure you are up to date with the rules. There are certain things that they don't want you selling because of the major companies already selling them, so check.



If you like to write then you can write your own books. There are a lot of people that will teach you how to do it. Here is someone that I follow.












Public schools will pay you to present school assemblies to students. You just have to create some show that will bring a message of either anti-drug, self-esteem, anti-bullying and other topics. You can use magic acts, ventriloqusim, science, superhero etc. You want to make sure that your message is going to be educational and that the children will learn from what you are teaching them.



Ventriloquism is a lot of fun and very popular! Two differnt times on America's Got Talent, the winners were ventriloquist. The first person who won the competiton was Terry Fator. Not only did he win a million dollars but he got a one hundred million dollar contract with Las Vegas.

You can get great product from



if you like to work out doors, lawn painting could be something you might like to do as a career. People will pay you to spray their yellow grass, green. It is the same kind of paint that the professionals use on football and soccer fields. Realestate companies use this service as well as businesses that have trouble with their lawns. You can also paint the mulch or make stencils and piant football teams in grass.





One of my weakness that I am over coming is marketing a product. So I have set out to find out just how to do that and so far this is what I have found.


Market on Facebook

For $5 dollars, facebook will market your prodcut to either your local location or to the nations. This fee will start at $5 but the more people you want to reach the more it will cost. Yet the cost is not that much.


Market through Fiverr

There are people on fiverr that will send your product or videos to different search engines. Video is one of the best ways to market now days. You can have one video sent out to twenty different search engines at once using Fiverr. This will help with your Google ranking as well.



Roku is a place where you can market your product. You create your own channel and promote your products or message. If you let Roku place ads on your videos then they will pay you a fee. You can have a private channel or a public channel. There are more than five million Roku users. You can build a channel for free using There is a great learning curve but if you master your thoughts and don't give up, then you can make a channel. If you need help contact me here on this site and I will help you as much as I can.



You can create your own channel on youtube as well. Youtube will pay you a fee for letting them place ads on your videos. You can also promote your products or your message with these videos that you create. Once you creat videos, then you will use these videos in your marketing campaign with Fiverr.

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There is a company called Taxi. They look for songs and songwriters to write and pitch their songs to song supervisors who are looking for songs for Major Motion Pictures, games, popular artist and TV commercials.


One of the best ways to sell products is to make your own or have them made for you.  This way you put your business name on them and they sell as your brand. One place to get this done is through Alibaba. There is a learning curve here so make sure if you work with China that you study all the regulations. You can also get your product made here but you have to serach to see who actually makes them here and they are not sending them to China to get them made.

More to Come!

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